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Nose reshaping procedure, also called rhinoplasty, aims to improve the cosmetic appearance of the nose as well as make it function more normally. Areas that can be addressed include the functionality of the nasal airways, and may involve making the nose smaller or bigger, or reshaping it by either adding or removing cartilage and bone, and suture techniques to define further the shape of the nasal tip.

The treatment

The operation can be performed ‘closed’ (endonasal) such that there are no external scars on the nose, or ‘open’ so that there is a small incision across the base of the nose in the natural folds of skin where they are harder to see. Not all operations can be closed and Plastic Surgeon at Lesprit Medical Clinic will explain whether you are suitable to have a closed procedure or whether you require a small incision across the base of your nose for access to perform the operation.

The outcome

Rhinoplasty surgery can have some excellent outcomes. Good understanding of what can be done and realistic expectations is particularly helpful in having satisfactory results. In the appropriate patient, the dorsal bumps can be smoothed, a nose made narrower and the tip can be made more refined.

Duration of Surgery

The surgery can take anything up to 2 hours depending on the complexity and severity of the problem. The operation is performed under a general anaesthetic and you will be in hospital overnight.

The complications

As with any medical procedure, complications can occur following surgery and patients need to be fully aware of their safety. Plastic Surgeon at Lesprit Medical Clinic does his utmost to minimise
 the possible complication associated with the procedure. You will be advised during your consultation on the most common complications and possible adverse effects following your procedure.

After Surgery

You will usually be in hospital for one night. You will have a splint over your nose for two weeks. Usually nasal packs will be used. They will be removed the day following surgery. If the procedure is performed 
in ‘open’ manner, you will need your sutures removed after a week. Please note that you will also have dissolvable sutures inside your nose and these will rub out over time. You will usually need to take 2 weeks off work as there will be a variable amount of swelling associated with black eyes. It is estimated you will return to normal within 4-6 weeks.

The recovery

Your recovery period and post-operative care will be explained to you in detail during your consultation. The recommendations will be specifically tailored to your individual case and type of surgery carried out. You will be advised about basic steps to take such as taking or avoiding certain medication, sleeping position, driving, exercise or time off work, make up and other procedure-specific care.

The outcome

Patients report how happy they are with
 the results of this type of surgery but as mentioned above it is important to have realistic expectations.

Important Notice

Specialist Plastic Surgeon at Lesprit Medical Clinic strongly advises you stop smoking prior to surgery as smoking can greatly impair your ability to heal and increase complication rates. Nutritional supplements, anticoagulant medication and anti-inflammatory drugs, (like Brufen, Voltaren, etc.), or any other blood thinning drug which increases the bleeding should be stopped prior to surgery unless otherwise instructed.

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